Saturday, 25 January 2020 16:59

Better Than Reality

Candace Kumari adjusted her sunglasses. The Australian sun was setting, casting long shadows between the massive 3-d printed beehives that surrounded the crowded town square. Her home was in beehive 7, floor C, and if this guy would hurry the fuck up already, she could get back there. Her throat was parched, and that kid throwing a temper tantrum was not helping.

"Hellooooo, Dowbisco Sydney!" said a young man, smartly dressed in a black t-shirt, blazer and jeans. "In 2097, Yumatech has brought satellite services to over four hundred complexes across the world. Today, we welcome Sydney into our network. For our grand opening, we're selling the Navigator for only twenty Dowcoin."

That was a month's stipend--a month of nothing but liquid Nutrisoy rations.

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